Wednesday, 18 July 2012

We Have Different Stories, but We Are In the Same Place

Hello Everyone! It's Christina here. 

Yesterday I was at the CrossFit MOST facebook page and blog reading some of the post and articles of others sharing their stories and something pretty profound hit me.

I realized how different we all are.

I read an article from The Windsor Star newspaper about Aaron Johnson. I haven't met Aaron yet but in the article he talks about being a firefighter. He mentioned how CrossFit is a great fit for training for his job.

A couple hours later I read a post by Hilary. 
Hilary has helped coach me in this past 6 weeks and is now also my friend, her post is absolutely inspiring. Her story is nothing like Aaron's story and my story is completely different from both of their stories!

What I love most is that we all have very different pasts and our goals are just as different, yet here we are, brought together by this thing called CrossFit! In Aaron's blog post he talks a lot about the CrossFit community being amazing and he's absolutely right! I love the people I've met and I love training with these amazing people by my side! I find them so motivating and their encouragement is genuine! 

This morning Coach Swagar put myself and Hilary through an awesome workout! I felt stronger and more motivated training with Hilary by my side! Hilary is amazing! She is so strong and pushes so hard!! Watching her give me something to work towards!

Carina came to do her workout as I had to leave and I was disappointed to not be able to stay and cheer her on! Carina is also a huge motivator for me! She always knows just what to say to encourage me.

I feel so blessed to know Hilary and Carina.  It was Coach Swagar and CrossFit that brought us together. When I saw todays WOD I can't lie ... for a moment I though "there's no way" but I didn't hang onto that for long. The best part was not only did I do it, I felt strong doing it! For the first time in my life I find myself craving exercise and active living! I find myself challenging myself when 3 months ago I would have always taken the easy road! 

Now don't get me wrong, I still have bad moments and even days! I had to buy some new capris yesterday and I felt discouraged! I hated the size I had to buy and felt angry. There was a small (very small) part of my brain that went back to that negative thinking "why did you let yourself get here" and "why are you bothering to even try to change, it's never going to happen!". Let me tell you, I squashed those thoughts very quickly!! In the past that event (buying clothes), could have ruined my day ... but not yesterday! I came home and talked to Greg (my awesome husband) about how it felt buying those new pants and that really helped.

Yesterday I really focused on the idea that this is going to be a slow process but it's going to last FOREVER! In the past many of my "lifestyle changes" a.k.a. Crash exercise/diet regimen's, were fast process and results and not maintainable.

CrossFit is sustainable for me! I enjoy it, I look forward to it and I can feel positive change that I never want to end. For the first time I don't see this as a way to lose weight and be done with it.

Once I'm down to a healthy weight I'll have new goals to achieve and continually better myself! Now that I have a handle on my exercise I feel it's time to focus a little more on my diet, but that is for another post!! HA! 

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