Thursday, 12 July 2012

CrossFit MOST Community: Christina

Hi Everyone! It's Christina here and I'm really excited to be posting my first blog post here on the CrossFit MOST blog! Here's a little about my story! The past 10 years I've struggled so much with my weight. My husband and I welcomed 3 kids in 3 years and it kept me very busy and often times burnt out and not taking care of myself. 

I've tried MANY different things to lose weight and sometimes it worked but they never worked long term. This past January (2012), Jenn told me she would help me train a couple days a week. Being the pleaser I am I said "Oh yes, that's great! Sure we can do that!" 

But in my head I was thinking "OVER MY DEAD BODY"! The honest truth was CrossFit scared the crap out of me! All I'd ever seen was these amazing athletes doing crazy lifting and there was no way I could ever do that ... or so I thought! 

In May I was going to Chicago for 9 days to attend my long time best friends Graduation from Optometry School and then drive back from Chicago to Calgary with her. I felt so much anxiety around this trip. I was worried about leaving my kids, I was worried about being away from my husband. I was so frustrated that this wonderful trip had turned into a looming date I had anxiety about. If I'm being really honest I was also worried about my size, how uncomfortable the plane ride would be, what activities we'd be doing in Chicago and would I be able to do them. Finally May 11th I reached a breaking point and sent Jenn an email and told to her everything I was feeling. 

I told her that I was nervous about working with her, I shared how I've tried to lose weight and failed so many time the past 10 years and I was scared to fail again. I told her about my anxiety about my upcoming trip and I told her that I was sick and tired of feeling the way I felt.  We met the following week and made a plan and let me tell you, Coach Swagar and CrossFit are changing my life. 

For the first time in my life I find myself looking forward to my training days! I was so worried I wouldn't be able to do the workouts but Coach Swagar modifies them so that they are attainable for me. I can tell you there is nothing I love better than finishing my workout, dripping with sweat and feeling empowered! The trip to Chicago and that was very much the start of the new me. I had a wonderful time away with my best friend and I enjoyed my time away from my kids and husband and being able to focus on me. I'm a new person in many ways!  The days I exercise I feel better than the days I don't. I try to do something everyday, especially if I wake up feeling grumpy, which tends to happen now and then ;)

The past couple months I've had some pretty awesome "Firsts", here are a few:

My first time on a bicycle in 16 years (I've got a photo of it thanks to Coach Swagar)!

My first CrossFit class!!  Coach Swagar and David took me to CrossFit Flatehead in Kalispell, Montana with Coach Buford where I did my first ever back swquats and overhead overhead press and got my first 

CrossFit T-shirt (it was a big day and I was super excited about my first class!)

My first time wearing a dress to a bar ever!

My first time swimming at a pool with my kids and husband! I can't lie this one was a hard one for me but I did it and had a GREAT time! Can't wait to do it again!

I'll be posting more "Firsts" as my journey continues

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  1. Christina I am so proud of your courage and determination. You truly motivate me to be better! We will get to your destination together. Looking forward to this amazing journey.