Thursday, 12 July 2012

Coach Swagar's Coaching Philosophies

Coaching Philosophies

2011 Canadian Interuniversity Sport - National Finals -  Silver Medalist Team
There are many different ways to approach coaching athletes. One thing you need to define as a coach is YOUR philosophy. This can be very difficult for a new coach. The question is - do you actually know yourself well enough to understand what your core values and methods are?

A coaching philosophy that is well thought out clarifies many aspects of the coach's delivery and presents a consistent and positive message to the athletes being coached. One of the strongest benefits arising from a consistent and sincere approach to coaching is TRUST. A strong bond between coach and athlete leads to higher levels of commitment and athletic performance. 
What is Your Philosophy?

Coach Swagar's Philosophy.

To open minds and hearts in order to enhance performance by growing righteous values within.  This fosters integrity and enables focus on one’s maximum effort on a daily basis. This is the only pure way to live an honest and fulfilling life.

Try to define your Coaching Philosophy. It will take time and a lot of brainstorming. Write down key words that mean something to you. Ask former and current athletes. Talk to other coaches and see what their approach may be. You don't need to reinvent the wheel.  Identify other coaches whose methods, philosophies, or approaches you respect and use their expertise and experience to help you craft your philosophy. Your philosophy may change over time and with different roles and athletes. I would recommend revisiting your philosophy periodically to stay true to yourself and your athletes.  Remember, life's journey is a continual evolution and growth of thought and knowledge.

Coach Swagar

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