Sunday, 15 July 2012

Coaching CrossFit - Coaching Models

Coaching Models           

A coaching model is a framework, it does not tell you how to coach but rather it's the underlying structure that you can use. It is your underlying strategy, so that you can deal with any situation that arises.

Not one model is correct and learning from many has a definite advantage.

Why are there so many coaching models?

Coaching integrates many fields of knowledge, It is vital that you look at and find a model that matches your Philosophy and Values.

What do most coaching models have in common?

Most coaching models share some things in common:
  • The establishment of a relationship that's built on trust, open communication.
  • The formulation of client-based, agreed upon goals and expectations.
  • A deep questioning and learning dynamic in relation to people's goals.
By learning and understanding each model's commonalities, you can then integrate and effectively create your own model and approach.

Not one model, but many...

A lot of coaches will get stuck when trying to come up with their own model. Fitting what you have learned about your values into a model takes time and effort. I suggest looking at other models and mapping one to your strengths and values.
Creating a model from scratch is extremely difficult and besides, given the very nature of the changing circumstances you'll be faced with while coaching, it is key to keep your model progressive and new, so learn from others in your field.

Is there a better approach?

Yes, there is.

A much better approach to doing it from scratch would be searching for best practices from other models, understanding what works, and adapting what you've learned from experience and bringing it all together in a planned response.

Next Blog I will give you some insight on how to develop the framework for your coaching model.

Coach Swagar

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