Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Happiness and such!

Hi everyone! It's Christina here! Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!

Something amazing has occurred to me. It's unreal how the little actions we choose to do, or not do, in our daily life effects us to the core. 

This past couple weeks I've had some very center shifting realizations, when I choose to live an active, healthy life I am a happier person. I know this may be hard for those of you who have always been active to understand, but for someone like me who hasn't always been active, it is life changing.

Now as a busy mom of 3, believe me, there's not much sitting around. My house is always being cleaned and I'm always running laundry up and down the stairs but I'm talking about going swimming and heading to the mountains for a hike. Those kinds of activities just seemed exhausting to me. I'm going to be very honest, often times I felt jealousy when I saw others living the active life that I didn't think I was capable of living! Now I should mention, I've tried lifestyle changes in the past but I've never felt the happiness I feel now.

 About 6 years ago right now, after the birth of my first child, I decided to get a personal trainer. He was a great personal trainer, I lost about 30 lbs in 12 weeks and was stronger than I probably had ever been but I can say wholeheartedly I hated every minute. He told me that if I stopped working out that I would miss it and I can say with great certainty he was wrong! Ha! At the end of my sessions with him I found out I was pregnant with my second child and I remember one of my biggest feelings was one of relief because it was my "out" from having to workout (or at least it was an excuse I could be happy with). Other the next 6 years I tired many different weight lose attempts and nothing felt life changing.

Nothing felt like it was something I could do forever ... Nothing until now! Right now I'm not even putting a lot of focus on my weight but focusing on how I'm feeling. As I stood talking with Coach Swagar yesterday she said something that really hit home for me:

She told me she was teaching me to be able to live an active life on my own! I can say I'm getting to a point where I can do a really good workout by myself. That's a big accomplishment for me and I'm so grateful to Coach Swagar for helping me get to this place!

Last Friday morning I did a early morning work out with my workout buddy Carina. It was a hard one! It was a 20 min AMRAP and I really had to push. I did well and felt a lot of accomplishment from it but when I got home I went upstairs to my bedroom where Greg was and I sat on the bed and just started crying ... Like real, ugly, crying!

Greg was confused as I had just told him how good the workout was and to be honest I was just as confused. I told him I thought part of it was a realization of the long road I have ahead but I also told him that I'm not scared or discouraged by it. I very much embrace that I have a long journey ahead and I never want my journey to end! When the weight road ends I want to make a turn on a new road to a new place!

I texted Coach Swagar and told her what was going on, that I was crying for no apparent reason but couldn't stop it. She told me to feel what I need to feel, cry if I need to cry and just go with it. Friday ended up being a great day and after an amazing weekend with friends I had an awesome Monday morning workout! I came home from that workout feeling amazing and bouncing off the walls with excitement! It seems everyday is a new adventure. I find myself more willing to try new things and be more spontaneous (although I still have a long way to go before I'm where I want to be).
Life is good and I'm excited for more! Next post I promises to add a picture or two! :)

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