Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Make It Yours

So after my little introduction a couple weeks back, all hell seem to break loose in the life department and I found myself busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest! Anyways, it has calmed  down now to a dull roar, and I thought that I would share something with you this haily evening. I don't think haily is a word, but holy cow was it just coming down out there.

As there will be many new athletes starting up at Crossfit Most, and there is already some smashing workouts in the Swagar's Gay-rage, (gay rage means garage, only happier, if you did not know:) I thought I would share a really important little secret everyone should know. 

This little secret helps out with everything in life, from activities to eating and so on.

So listen up. A wise man once told me that we have 2 ears and 1 mouth, so we should do twice as much listening as talking. That was not the secret, but good info none the less!

So here is the real juiciness......... MAKE IT YOURS.

There is many people that take on all sorts of things in life, but quite often do it for reasons that are not necessarily close to the heart. For someone else, or for some other hollow reason.

When you embark on new journeys in life, whatever they may be, make sure that you are doing them for you. 

It is always cool to let someone inspire you to do something, but always insure that you, your brain, and your heart are on board 100%. I have seen it a multitude of times when someone takes on something, and for whatever reason, has not fully invested their self into it, and they fail or give up. Even if it is something that would make them better as a person, without there entire being on board, they never come out on top.

When you truly believe in something and why it is that you are doing it, it takes the work out of it, almost. You feel attached to it, and every small little gain is worth all the hard work put into it. That not eating that candy bar was truly awesome! And you know you will be better for it. That struggling through those last ten push ups, even though everything in your body was telling you to stop, will make you stronger for tomorrow. That going out for a walk first thing in the AM, rather than checking out Facebook for all the happening events that occurred while you slept, is a much more productive way to start your day.

All the choices that you have to make regarding your new journey will be easier and met with a positive state of mind, because you REALLY want to do it for you. You want it. You have decided to do it, and there is nothing on this planet that can stop a person once they have their mind made up. Nothing.

Have a read of this quote if you have a second. It was written by a gentleman that spoke at a eulogy for an individual that I hold up high on a pedestal, as someone that we should all aspire to be like.

"What is beauty? Is beauty a pretty face, a nice smile, flowing hair, nice skin? Not to me, it's not. To me beauty is living life to higher standards, stronger morals and ethics and believing in them, whether people tell you you're right or wrong. 

Beauty is not wasting a day. Beauty is noticing life's little intricacies and taking time out of your busy day to really enjoy those little intricacies. 

Beauty is being real, being genuine, being pure with no facade—what you see is what you get. Beauty is expanding your mind, always seeking knowledge, not being content, always going after something and challenging yourself.

I believe that to really honor Pat, we should all challenge ourselves. No more I'm going to do this or I'm going to do that. Do it. 

As Pat would say, probably, 'Get off your ass and do it.' 

Why, you ask, should we honor him this way? 

Because that's what Pat did his whole life."

Take that to the bank and make whatever you do throughout life yours.


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