Thursday, 23 August 2012

Seizing the Moment!

Hello All! Christina here once again. 

We have been home from our wonderful summer vacation for 5 days. It was a great vacation but it's nice to be home! It's been a bit of a hard week. I've had a sick little girl so I've been up a lot through the night and got a little run down. Poor little thing, it has not been fun and I did have to miss one workout because of it. But I'm through with worrying and beating myself up over things like missing a workout or having some desert, or whatever I think that day I should feel guilty about. This is life and I intend to live it happily and healthy! I have moved on from missing that workout and am doing great! 

I felt a lot of accomplishment in this holiday! I really found balance for the first time ... maybe ever? I didn't deny myself but I didn't go overboard with my diet, I was active and got in 2 workouts (I missed 2) but I also spent time with my feet up and relaxed! It was wonderful! I came home feeling pretty great! My first workout back with Coach Swagar was definitely a little harder but still great! I'm glad I did those two workouts and stayed active! I swam a lot in the lake with the kids (which was amazing! They LOVED it!) and we did some hiking! It was awesome!

I was happy to get home and found it very easy to get back on track with my eating and exercise (other than the one missed workout due to life circumstances). This was very refreshing to me! In the past it would have been very hard for me to get back on track so this was another example of how this has really been a life change! 

This week I've spent some time reflecting on how I want to live my life! I feel like I have a handle on living more actively and healthy in a physical sense, but I'm more talking about how I want to feel inside and what I allow to drive me!  I've spend a lot of my life trying to please others. I've found it very difficult to say no to people and many times I've said yes at the expense of myself or my family. When I have said no I've felt guilt and worried about having people angry with me. I don't want to live that way anymore! 

Don't get me wrong, I still want to help others! As a matter of fact, that is a priority in my life! Part of my living life happily is helping others and doing things for others joyfully! But when that joy is not there and I feel resentment or taken advantage of because I've put my need or my families needs aside that is not healthy for me! This is an area that is getting easier and that I will continue to nurture.

Another area I'm focusing on is living life ... I mean really living life! I've touched on this before but it's really being put into action! This weekend we are going camping! 12 hours ago we were not going camping, we were spending the weekend at home. Now we're going camping! We got a phone call this morning from a campsite that we were on the cancelation list and we had a spot if we wanted it! We had called prior to Catie being sick but I hadn't really given it another thought, we were 6th on the list and I didn't think we'd get in, which was fine. My initial reaction when we got the call this morning was to say no. But I reluctantly said yes. I have a list of reasons we shouldn't go 

- Catie has been sick all week
- Morgan (our oldest son) has a birthday party Friday afternoon
- We have a funeral to attend Friday at 7
- I'm not prepared 
- It's expensive
- I have to work this weekend (I have a little nail salon and do nails from home)

All those reasons aside, the truth is it's somewhat spontaneous and that's hard for me! This is a perfect opportunity for me to work on this area. If I think about it, all those reason are excuses to sit on the sidelines and not live life ...

- Catie is so much better since starting her antibiotics yesterday and will be that much better tomorrow (Plus we are in a warm tent trailer where she will be very comfortable). 
- We are close enough to Calgary I can bring Morgan into the birthday Party and then he and I can attend the funeral. Greg and the little two can have a nice time together out camping and we'll even be back in time for a fire before bed. 
- The tent trailer took 30 minutes to put the clean sheet in it and give it a wipe down. All I have to do is pack some clothes for everyone, not a big deal!
- We found some free firewood (it took about 5 minutes on kijiji), I've got lots of food to bring out from home, there's no reason I can cook healthy meals out there like I do at home! That's what we did the last time we were out (minus the lucky charms hehe). Free wood, food that we'd be eating at home anyway ... it's really it's not going to be expensive! 
- I was able to move one client to tonight and as long as I get home by noon on Sunday there will be no problem! The whole reason I have a home business is so I can make my schedule and enjoy my family and life!

THERE! We have NO reason not to seize this opportunity and enjoy some time away as a family! I've spent so many years finding excuses to not do things it's become second nature to say no! BUT NO MORE! I'm retraining the way I think and I'm going to enjoy doing more and being spontaneous! 

On a sad note: 
On Monday I learned that one of Morgan's school friends, older brother died after a 8 month battle with cancer. Once again I find myself reminded how important it is to live each day as a gift and to enjoy life! So quickly everything can change! The little boy who lost his battle to cancer and was such a fighter at the young age of 8 (he just turned 8 last month). This family who lost their sweet little boy have acted with such courage and it's been inspiring! 

I just want to live each day happily! I want to be good to
 others and good to myself!! I want to stop putting off 
until tomorrow and really live for today! - ME!

This post has been a bit of a ramble! There's been lots stirring inside me this week and I just wanted to put it all down! 

I hope somewhere in all this rambling there has been something that has hit a cord in you to live the life you want to live ... whatever that might be to you!

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