Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Move Move and Move Some More!!

Hello Everyone! Christina here again! Oh my goodness where to begin? I've got so much to tell you! As promised I have some pictures!

This picture was from about a month ago. I went out and did my own WoD and came home and sent this picture to Coach Swagar. I felt great and felt proud of myself that I was able to get that red in the face and sweaty on my own! 

Things are changing a little, my WoD's lately have been a little longer, the modifications are lessening and I'm definitely finding myself struggling a little more than I have been but I know it's all part of the progression. I imagine I felt the same way my first couple of workouts. 

Last Friday's WoD was so mentally hard I just couldn't get into it. I hated every minute of it and I struggled big time! I won't lie, after the previous Fridays WoD (remember I got home and cried on my bed ... haha) was lingering in my head and I went into it nervous and already doubting myself. Here was the work out.

My Deadlifts were at 95 lbs and I used the 5kg (11 lbs) medicine ball for my Wall Balls and Thrusters so it wasn't overly heavy lifting but it I was winded and I struggle with that feeling and sometime even feel a little anxious being out of breath. I imagine because it's new to me. I didn't cry when I got home but I didn't have an overly great day. I found mentally I struggled all day afterward. 

Monday we decided to do a group WoD. Because it was a holiday Coach Swagar suggested we do a workout with our husbands. Greg just recently started working with Coach Swagar and is getting into CrossFit, we've never done a workout together so I thought it would be fun! Unfortunately we had 2 sick kids that needed a walk in clinic so I opted for the workout and Greg took our 2 youngest to the doctor, that in itself is a small miracle ... Sick kids is the PERFECT excuse to miss a workout ESPECIALLY after such a mentally hard WoD on Friday. Carina was there so I had a great partner to team up with and although it was a CRAZY hard WoD for me I feel a lot of accomplishment in it! 

I found this on Pintrest (I love Pintrest ... don't judge me ... HA!) and it says it all for me. There are so many WoD's I see and think "There is NO way" but I have yet to not finish! 

Onto other news! We are going on holidays!!! In just 3 more sleeps our family is going on our summer holidays! Greg and I are both in much need of a holiday and we are quite literally counting the sleeps! Preparing for this holiday is showing me how much I'm changing. We are camping for the first time in 3 years for the first 2 days and last 2 days of our holidays. 

We have a old tent trailer that has been sitting, unused for 3 years and Saturday we decided to bring it home and check it out. 6 months ago I would have looked at the tent trailer and realized the work that would have to be done and would have never agreed to include camping into our vacation. After sitting empty for 3 years we had to pull everything out and organize what was there and do a lot of cleaning! 

On top of getting everything ready for camping I also have to clean our home, beds changed and get all the laundry done before we go (I'm kinda a crazy and like to have every clean and done so we get home to a clean house and fresh beds) Let me tell you I have been moving like crazy! I honestly have been going non stop and between the activity and the heat I've been sweating like I'm working out! I have had moments of struggle but continue to tell myself, this what what living an active life is! You work to get things ready so you can do fun stuff! I also know, if I'm being really honest, had I not been so lazy in the past, we probably would have been out camping this past 3 years and there wouldn't have been so much to do now! If anything it just motivates me to continue living a healthy active life! 

The days we aren't Camping we'll be spending in Whitefish where I hope to go to another CrossFit class! I'm bringing my journal and keeping on my regular workout days and will definitely be doing lots of activity with the family! It's nice to think about vacation and know that I'm going to make healthy choices. In the past it's often been a "Awesome, this is a great excuse to eat like crap and not feel bad about it" occasion and of course I told myself "people don't exercise on vacation", which actually makes me laugh now! Don't get me wrong, there will be treats!  I'm already planing my trip to The Red Caboose for a frozen yogurt with the kids and we'll have some treats now and then over the 10 days but I'm also planning healthy meals and exercise and activity! 

I am living a different life now! I am living a happier life! I'm living an healthier life! There are still days I think about getting out of going to my workout but there is a difference between thinking about not going and actually not going! My diet isn't perfect but it's pretty darn good and it's one I can live with forever. Coach Swagar gave me a bracelet that says "Be the change you're waiting for" and that's exactly what I intend to continue to do!

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