Saturday, 1 September 2012

Long intro to Failure

So as of late, I have been working on trying to improve my mobility and flexibility. I honestly say it is one of the hardest things that I have ever taken on. Seriously.
“Just stretch out and put your foot right there behind your head.” You want me to put my foot where? Give your head a shakeJ Who the F@$K do I look like? Gumby? I bend like a piece of 1 inch steal plate that someone has taken the time to harden. In other words. I do not.  Or at least very well.
Over the years I have been able to usually push through certain challenges that have been placed before me, by over coming some of my mobility/flexibility limitations with shear hard headedness. And for the most part have come out the other end of the tunnel no worse for wear.
Or so I thought. Enter “older” age.
Side bar; I will say “older” as I do not believe anyone is ever old, just older, and that your age is just a number. What you believe is all that matters. Age therefore is just a state of mind. And until I have the big one, and my heart stops, that is how I will continue to roll.
Carrying on with getting “older”. Over the past couple of years, this getting older phenomenon has started to hit home like Mark McGuire on crank. For those who do not know who Mr. McGuire is, just think about stepping out in front of a speeding locomotive. Hopefully that adds some clarity for ya. Suddenly getting properly warmed up for physical activity is a must. And I mean properly warmed up. A good lather if you will. And taking the time to cool down and stretch afterwards is essential. Some of these compromising positions that I was able to get away with prior, are sure letting me know I am out of whack now. And I usually end up with a few trips to a chiro or some other type of manual therapy to help remedy the situation if I continue to push it.
Anyhoo, with all this feed back my body has been giving me over the past couple of years, it has all pointed at my shit ass mobility/flexibility. Plain and simple. And I can no longer get away with crap arse form. So I have been working with Jenn and Dave to help sort out some of my glaring mobility issues. And my god are they a pain in the ass.
Literally and figuratively.
Needless to say, it has been a painfully slow process. Things are improving, just slower than what I would like to see. (over night would have been great) You see, these issues developed over 30 years, and I would like to think I should be able to clear them bitches up in 3 hoursJ Not likely.
So today at the end of my lifting session in the garage, I was quite cranky with myself. Was working on deadlifts and still am having a miserable time getting myself into proper position. Utter failure I was thinking to myself. If I could have thrown that bar out into the Pacific Ocean, I probably would have done it with one hell of a smile on my face.

After calling it quits for the day, and grabbing a cold cider, my aggravation finally gave way and my improvements, although small, came to the forefront. Where they should be. And the fact that I may have failed today, just adds more fuel to the fire for tomorrow.
That was the longest intro ever for what I actually wanted to chat quickly about. HA!
Something that everyone is going to experience throughout life, over and over. It is part of the journey. And when looked upon properly, can quite often teach all of us the largest and most valuable lessons in life. Failure not only expresses a weakness in our plan, but also challenges our character and how we can handle adversity when things are not going our way. Do you throw your hands in the air and say “I can’t do this.” Storming off never to try again. Or do you take the lessons from the failed attempt, apply them to the next go around, and hit that sucker head on again. We all have those choices, and when the latter is taken, you come out the other side 10 times the person that you would have ever been, if you had been successful with your first attempt.
Nothing in life that is anywhere monumental or worth your time is easy. The sooner you get your head around that the better. Becoming better takes work, and work is hard.
That being said, failure is something that needs to be expected. Whenever you are pushing your boundaries becoming a better person in any aspect of your life, failure is always going to be around the corner with any ugly little smile on its face. Just learn to take a running double-footed ghetto style drop kick at that miserable SOBs face, and take the lessons learned from it throughout the rest of your life.

Failure should always be expected; But never sincerely accepted. Adapt, Overcome, and become Awesome.


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